Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My son wanted me to publish his story from school today on this site. It is one of those homework where you have to try to use a bunch of spelling words in it. Here is his story in its entirety. I will post a scanned pic of his actual handwritten one after it later today:

A grumpy old lady

Story February 24, 2004
By Harrison, age 6years, 9months

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old lady that was alone. She was alone because her husband died in the war. But she still had her friends. They knew her anger and lonesomeness but they always had notions to cheer her up but their ideas never worked. That is why somebody mentioned three options. They picked one of the three and told it to her. She had agreed! She started doing it. And for the first time she became happy again.

She was so happy she remarried. The person she married was named James. He was a family doctor and he was the first one to invent James’ marvelous medicine, a potion to help people. It went out like a flash. He was famous for making the potion and other lotions. But people always had questions about it. So one day he showed everybody how to make his marvelous medicine. After showing them he motioned to them not to go yet! “I have to give you something.” Everybody turned their heads and listened. He said, “I need to give you this slip.” On the slip was a recipe so they would remember how to make it. “Use caution with mixing the potion,” James said. Everybody got the recipe and it really helped.

After James got home he thought his wife wasn’t there. He was not sure what action to take now. But then his wife called out from the kitchen. She was kneading the pizza dough. They had pizza, rice and beans for dinner. It was the most delicious dinner they ever had. After eating dinner they agreed to eat the remaining sections of the pizza tomorrow. They lived happily ever eating pizza and making potions.

The End.